Sunday, January 10, 2016

One big post

I am trying to catch up before the next birthday list is to start. Instead of one small post for each of the following, I'm going to lump them together. This is what happens when I don't keep up with things. So I obviously didn't complete the "update the blog every month" goal.

Goal: Arctic circle

When H came to visit over Thanksgiving, we took a bus tour of the Arctic circle. It was a 19 hour bus ride, but totally worth it.

Goal: Bible study group

I'm going to count this one covered by the Life group meeting every Monday at the Covenant church. The whole point of this goal was to get to know more people in the church, as well as to grow spiritually, and that was duly accomplished.

Goal:Sunday school for at least one month

I am so glad this was on my list. My church offers a few classes on Sunday before the whole service. I went for a one month goal and have been attending ever since.

Goal: Women's group

Thursday nights are my favorite.

Goal: Finish two online classes

While sitting on my parent's couch watching all of "Parks and Rec."

Goal: Move up on the pay scale

I needed two more credit classes to be able to move up on the pay scale, so the goal above really was doubly helpful.

Goal: If:Equip bible study

After the If:Event, I looked into the bible studies that this site offers. I've completed a few ever since. You can go to the site everyday, or get the reminder sent to your email Monday-Friday. I like the format. There is a bible passage to read, a short clip of two women discussing the passage, an open ended question to consider, and a comment board to answer the question and respond to others.

Goal: Read the news everyday for a month

A friend told me about when I was discussing my birthday list. The Skimm sends you an email Monday-Friday. It summarizes the big events in the news that day, along with links to news sites to read more, and sometimes background stories to understand the context. I also checked the ADN daily during this month.

Goal: Underwater camera

I got it in time for Mexico snorkeling. I had been inspired by H's camera while we were traveling Australia.

Goal: Netflix

The goal was to work my way through some more classics and documentaries. While I did complete the goal of signing up for Netflix again, it didn't go well. I don't go to the post office often enough, and movies sit unwatched for weeks. After a few months, I deleted my account.

Goal:Overnight camp with the dog

Completed on my hike in Minnesota this summer. Yakko is a great hiker. Terrible camper. He could not calm down, even at night. He was on super alert mode. I was so glad for A's offer to take him for the rest of my trip, because after 3 nights camping with him, I was done.

Goal: 30 box for Kelly

My good friend A picked this up from a friend of hers, and I've adopted it for my sister's big 3-0. I collected 30 items that I thought she would like, enjoy, or need. I wrapped them up and sent them to her. On her birthday, she got to open 1 present, then 1 everyday afterwards. I had received my box from A when I was traveling Australia, and it was fantastic.

Goal: Two week hike

I hike the Superior Hiking Trail from the northern most point down to Silver Bay. It was much hotter than I expected, and the dog only made it for the first 3 days before I sent him with A for the remainder of the trip.

Goal: Life coach

The Covenant church offers Spiritual Direction. I had no idea what this was until I went to a women's retreat last fall. I attended a small session that was a Q and A about this subject. As it was described, I kept thinking, Is this like life coaching, only we get to pray together? I then even asked during the session is one could call this service "life coaching?" She said...."Well....I suppose so...." and I was hooked. We had our first meeting face to face in September and scheduling Skype session following.

Goal: Prayer board

I wanted a visual reminder in my house about the people I wanted to be praying for consistently. I set up a post-it area in my kitchen (because I live by post-its). I occasionally add a few notes around their names. But it's been good for at least catching my eye as I walk by as a reminder to take a moment in my day and pray.

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